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meiji_restored's Journal

Meiji Restored
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The Meiji Restored

It is the 11th year of the Meiji Era (1878) and Japan has opened her borders to the West. For better or for worse, the country is recovering from the effects of many internal struggles as well as trying to become a modern nation in these new times. For many, there are old loves, grudges, and politics that must play out in this new Era; for others it’s a new chance and beginning.

The Meiji Restored is an RPG exploring many characters from equally diverse universes and their lives within these uncertain times.

Currently Taken Characters

Hiko Seijuro

Himura Kenshin

Kamiya Kaoru


Makimachi Misao

Okita Souji

Sagara Sanosuke

Seta Soujiro

Shinomori Aoshi


Takani Megumi

Takatsuki Toki

Yamazaki Ayumu

Yamazaki Susumu

Yukishiro Enishi

Currently Available Characters

Sekihara Tae

Myoujin Yahiko

Honjou Kamatari

Sawagejou Chou

Other RK Characters

Ichimura Tetsunosuke

Ichimura Tatsunosuke

Other PMK Characters



Historical Figures

Other Fictional Universes




Basic Game Rules

Two Character Limit

There is a two character limit for players, and each player is expected to post for the characters they have taken responsibility for. Players "doubling up" should not interact with themselves often. This is not considered roleplay!

Game Day (5 weeks)

The Game Day length is five weeks divided into time segments. This means you have five RL weeks to navigate your character(s) through a single game day in the Meiji universe. Time division will occur under three main times: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. For both Morning and Afternoon, players are given 2 weeks to progress through and 1 week for Evening.
This is enforced to keep all players engaged in the game.

Posting Frequency

To keep up with the game day (and not hold other players back), frequent posting is expected at least twice a week, if possible. Real life should take precedence over the game (working, homework, etc.), but if you find yourself unable to post, you should notify the moderators and the players in your thread.

General courtesy is waiting about 24 hours for other players (international or otherwise) to post. It's no fun for a character to feel "left behind." Please talk to the mods if you have questions. The moderators will remove player-characters who do not meet the posting guidelines or communicate with them about leaves of absence.

Posting Style

The RPG is written in first person/present tense.

No moving backwards in time. Characters must move linearly in time. For example, do not post in evening and then move into an "Afternoon" thread

Post subjects or “Threads” should be marked with date, time and location of thread.

----> Example: Oct 15, 1878 - Evening; Akabeko


Please do not bring your drama into this RP. Read the guidelines on how disputes should be reported to the mods and please be patient. Players who verbally harass, insult, etc. etc.

Membership on Y Group

Members of Meiji_Restored are expected to join the RPG Yahoo Mailing List for the following:

+ Game-related announcements

+ Polls/discussions on decisions to make regarding the RPG

+ Maps, list of non-player characters and resources.

+ Updates pertaining to player hiatuses and vacations, so players may plot accordingly

+ Share contact info, so other players can reach you (be prepared to share at least one email address)

+ Sharing of AIM and YM nicknames/contact names is up to the individual player.

+ Major Game Rules, Code of Conduct, Policies, and General RP Etiquette Guidelines

If you are interested in playing, please fill out the application, and email to: Leilaboo@gmail.com, with an acknowledgement that you have read the requirements that follow. You will be contacted by the Mods once your application has been received. Please do not contact the administrator(s) with your character name until you have talked to the Mods!